Faded + Blurred began in 2009 as a simple blog that allowed a group of friends to keep track of monthly photo walks in and around Southern California. Since then, the site has evolved into a fantastic resource for curated visual inspiration and education, inviting commentary and discussion from a worldwide community of photographers and visual artists, both amateur and professional, who are passionate about the art and craft of making images.

The goal of the site is simple – to share great work and to celebrate the creators behind it.

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Jeffery Saddoris is a mixed media artist and designer whose love for photography started in the darkroom of his high school photo class. Jeffery is also the co-host of the weekly photography podcast, On Taking Pictures on the 5by5 Network.

Facebook: jefferysaddoris     Twitter: @jefferysaddoris

NikkiNicole Rae (Nikki) is a food and fine art photographer. In 2008, Nikki won the Aperture photo contest, just one year after picking up a camera. In 2012, she co-wrote and photographed Chill, an eBook all about ice cream. See her fantastic food photography at Simmer & Shoot.

Facebook: simmerandshoot     Twitter: @simmerandshoot


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