About Face: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

I grew up in the 80s where girls like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Carol Alt were everywhere. Magazines. Television. Music videos. Everywhere. But, there could have been no Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell without women like Cheryl Tiegs and Beverly Johnson. These women, along with a number of several others, gave rise to the Supermodels. HBO is releasing a new documentary at the end of the month by brilliant portrait photographer and film director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. The film is called About Face: Supermodels Then and Now and in it, Greenfield-Sanders sits down with some of the most famous (and beautiful) faces in the world to examine the business of beauty in America, with some of the women who literally made the modern beauty business. “I hope the outcome is that we deepen the idea of beauty,” Greenfield-Sanders says. “These women belong to a special generation—post-1960s ‘free love,’ but pre-aids. Now they’ve transcended the superficiality of modeling, and they look like they’ve had a life.” The portraits below are simple, honest and intimate, and show women who are still redefining what it means to be beautiful.


Timothy Greenfield-Sanders - Christie Brinkley & Carol Alt

Christie Brinkley & Carol Alt

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders - Cheryl Tiegs & Beverly Johnson

Cheryl Tiegs & Beverly Johnson

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders - Dayle Haddon & Esmé

Dayle Haddon & Esmé

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders - Kim Alexis & Isabella Rossellini

Kim Alexis & Isabella Rossellini

[via Vanity Fair]