A Nomadic Life: Hamid Sardar-Afkhami

The Annenberg Space for Photography is one of the photographic jewels of southern California, not just for the collections they host, but also for their fantastic Iris Night Lecture Series where you can go hear talks by some of the top photographers in the world, for free. It has also become a site we regularly visit for our own inspiration. We had never heard of Hamid Sardar-Afkhami before seeing his gorgeous photograph of a Mongolian child asleep on a reindeer posted on the Annenberg website. There are only two galleries of work on Afkhami’s site and little about Afkhami himself, save for the fact that he has a Ph.D. from Harvard University and moved to Nepal in the late 1980’s to document the nomadic traditions of the Mongolian outback. That said, his images capture a proud and beautiful people for whom life has changed little despite the progress of the world around them. In 2008, Afkhami produced a documentary film called Tracking the White Reindeer, which follows Quizilol of the Tsaatan nomads as he attempts to recover an escaped stallion so that he may prove his worth to the father of the girl he loves. We couldn’t find much more information about Afkhami, other than his latest project has taken him to Burma where he aims “to document and preserve a record of her tribal peoples.”

FalconBoy-Deloun-Bayin-Olgii-2007 Archers-Gown-Gobi-2007 Totem-Deer-2-West-Taiga-Hovsgol-2006 BlackPegasus-Deloun-Bayin-Olgii-2007 WildBull-Agghi-Mountains-Hovsgol-2007 Trance-West-Taiga-Hovsgol-2007 Kazak-Eagle-Master-Deloun-Bayin-Olgii-2003 Tsaatan-hunting-party-Shashpektug-Hovsgol-2004 Tsaatan-Wigwam-Hureen-Taiga-Hovsgol-2003 Tsuyanqua-Tsaatan-Shaman-Bor-Haik-Hovsgol-2000-copy
[via Annenberg Space]

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