5 Key Elements To Getting Great Portraits

5 Keys To Getting Great Portraits

Getting a great portrait can be one of the most challenging types of photographs to shoot, but it doesn’t have to be. In this video, one of our favorite photographers, Karl Taylor, shows you how 5 key elements can work together to help you get great portraits. In a nutshell, the elements are:  

  • Communication – Learning how to talk to your model can be the difference between a snapshot and a great shot.
  • Lens Choice – What’s the most flattering lens to use for great portraits?
  • Aperture – The bigger the better, so you get that soft, creamy bokeh.
  • Lighting – Should you shoot into the sun, or away from it?
  • Environment – Learn to spot little details that add visual interest.

This video sequence is from Karl’s DVD Advanced Digital Photography, which is part of his superb Photography Masterclass. We are thrilled to be distributing Karl’s entire set of Masterclass and Pro Series DVDs here in the US. Be sure to check out his brand new titles Better Photos With Your Compact Camera and, for those of you taking the plunge into video, HD-DSLR Movie Making, which takes you behind the scenes with Karl and his team as they create their award-winning short film, No Regrets.